I am currently the Director of Enterprise Marketing, North America at secure collaboration software company Intralinks. Intralinks helps companies in highly regulated industries share and collaborate while maintaining complete control over very sensitive data.

Before joining Intralinks, I was Vice President of Marketing at payments startup MineralTree. While you and I make the majority of our personal payments online, most US businesses still pay their vendors by paper check. MineralTree is trying to change that.

Prior to MineralTree, I was Director of Marketing at CloudLock, a pioneer in cloud information security. When companies move their data to cloud providers like Google Apps and, they need to have the same information security as they did when their data lived on-premise. CloudLock lets companies take advantage of the collaborative benefits of the cloud without sacrificing security.

Before joining CloudLock, I was Web Community Evangelist at media recommendation startup matchmine.

For 7 years before entering the startup Marketing world, I was Webmaster and developer at Gesmer Updegrove, a high tech law firm in Boston.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and on my startup Marketing blog,

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